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Cast Iron Bathtub.

Well, yesterday was the last day of work till the second of January, two-faced January, so that is some positive news. I grabbed lunch with the newlywed Pamela at her office & I tidied up the last bits of work that wouldn't keep till the new year, I wondered if the bamboo plant that Nicole gave me would survive vacation, & then I came back to Brooklyn. I'd sort of intended to go to the gym, but I was lazy, & then Jenny texted me to say she was coming home earlier than I'd expected, so I nixed that. I ate some leftover hamburgers with avocado on top, & I played a little GoldenEye. A lot of lag; annoying. We ended up watching three episodes of Fringe-- the first was "Immortality," a sort of (literal) bug-hunt episode mixed with scientific hubris, as per the strictures of Fringe, which balances the anti-science elements of science fiction against a sort of madcap mad science glee. It strikes a weird balance. Joan Chen was in it, & she has had too much plastic surgery. It makes me sad. After that was "6B," a love story, a ghost story, set in Park Slope. No real surprises there, but I do like it when pseudoscientific technobabble is well done. Shouting "spooky action at a distance!" always helps. & they did a good job making Vancouver look like Eighth Avenue in Park Slope. Then it was "Subject 13," a flashback episode to a young Peter & a young Olivia. It strained credulity somewhat-- they really don't remember meeting? In those magical & intense moments?-- but I liked it, & I'm a sucker for the lo-fi credit sequence.
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