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Twenty-Six Feet Long.

You know that thing you do sometimes, when you are walking alone & you start singing to yourself, improvising lyrics? I do, anyhow. & how sometimes, your on-the-spot song is just apt, just real science dropping? The words just come together, your subconscious stringing together mad rhymes? Well, to me it does, anyhow. & today I was walking to the R train, my lips & neurons hand in hand to deliver fresh beats, & I remembered the time I came up with the illest, dopest songsmithing ever. I was probably fourteen years old, waiting for the big yellow school bus in the snow, puffing frosty condensation, & I started singing about The Silmarillion. It just all knit together-- I hope the ice from my breath froze & recorded it-- just the whole thing; Ungoliant swallowing the Trees, Fëanor rebuking the herald of the gods, the Noldor crossing the ice-desert, Beren & Luthien Tinuviel, the Fall of Gondolin, everything. I was the only one there, but it was a magical moment. A touch of Taliesin. I'll always remember it happening, even if I can't ever recall the words or the music.

Last night was Television Night! Hooray! I walked through the door & instantly fatbutts & her dog Archie were buzzing to be let in. Okay, we'll get started right away! Lilly played a little GoldenEye, & Jenny cooked up some burgers & green beans for us. Tasty stuff. I did dishes & while I was finishing up, ranai came home. We waited a little bit & then blammo! elladorian & fordmadoxfraud. Okay-- the gang is all here, so what're we going to watch? Er. That is a little bit trickier, since we're head dead air. Storage Wars, that is always solid. Storage Wars: Texas? Oh, well, I basically hate all these guys, except The Doc, & he isn't even in this episode? At least we get to see the old Harley Davidson nut freak out. Then Lilly laid out some loot! She'd gotten us presents! She gave me a framed photo of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks-- the Homecoming Queen photo that features in the credits? A basically perfect gift. She gave Jenny My Neighbor Totoro slippers! Lilly nailed it! Danielle got a box of wine with a curly straw & David & Maggie got an orchid! So, pretty dang successful! Eventually hang-outs were done, & I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night seeing a Grey Face peeking at me, & then it slithered behind the bed. I tried to find it again with the light from my cell phone, but no luck.
Tags: dreams, loot, photos, television

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