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My Little Piglet.

A bit of a frustrating workday, but it was all my fault. You know, making a bunch of copies only to find out they are printing two-sided when I needed them one-sided, can't figure out why I am having trouble uploading information only to finally realize I'm in the wrong year, just basic little goof-ups that I normally avoid. At least I wasn't so out of it that I didn't catch them; I try to be diligent & sometimes double-checking pays off. Okay, woah, I am apparently still out of it, since I'm brooding on the subject of printer settings. Let me shake that mantle off. My Monday was...well, barely even there. I came home, played some GoldenEye, ate a lovely dinner of pork, pasta & spinach, watched a little Daily Show, went to the gym, put in an hour & fifteen minutes, came home, played some more video games & went to bed. Really, a whole lot of nothing! The gym was productive; I had a two sentence conversation with a woman I'm "gym nod buddies" with. I find the social interaction at a gym hilarious. You know, people you've seen every few days for a couple of years. Strangers, but just fixtures of your life. You start at the little uptick nod, the jerk of the chin. Then the "hey man," into the "how you been?" & the like, long side wave. Just funny to me, these totally arbitrary bonds. No names or anything, just...faces & muscles. & there are different politics, different cultures between the cardio machines, the free weights & the weight machines. Really though, that was it. Oh, & I shaved. See, how little do I have to accomplish for "shaving" to count as a little check on my to-do list?

Then Tuesday was a swirl of action, a sudden clarion call to battle. It started off after work at Almond, for a co-worker's bon voyage drinks. I had the Keegan Ales Mother's Milk, though for a while I kept saying it was the Left Hand Milk Stout, because I'm easily confused. It was served freezing cold, & that really killed the beer, actually-- if I'd been patient enough to let it warm up it would have been much better. I left there early & raced home to Jenny in Brooklyn, gave her a kiss on the cheek, watched the Christmas episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which was a passion play about the founding of Equestria...& wendigos?! That show, gosh. Then we were off, back into Manhattan! First stop, the Spanish wine shop, since there was some fancy fermented ciders Jenny wanted. After that, we stopped by Kat's apartment just to say hi to her & everyone else-- hello!-- & then we left, quick as we came. Hit & run! We went over to the Bourgeois Pig to meet up with Marie & Sydney, but the place was packed! I mean, I actually had cognitive dissonance & thought "well, it is the weekend, so no duh it is packed." We gave the maître d' our phone number & headed over to Mini Bar for a drink; I had the Chimay Red. The Bourgeois Pig called us up after about a half an hour-- we guessed at how many point on Open Table Syndney had & I won, but only because I guessed higher than Jenny & Marie & Sydney had a nigh infinite number of them-- so we headed over there. That place is a clever little cave, isn't it? All red & dark. Like Bag End of Hobbiton through the Lynchian filter of the Black Lodge. I liked it! Jenny & I split a punchbowl full of Charlemagne's Cup, a drink with Lillet, orange cordial, lemon, orange bitters, chocolate mole bitters, & Pol Roger champagne. Then we parted ways, stopped by Kat's again-- I'd forgotten my bag there-- & finally came home!
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