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The Ragnarok Job.

Another lazy weekend day of television & video games. Started off the morning brainstorming with Tracey about her character for Oubliette, then I popped in GoldenEye to fiddle around. I had a game where I was doing phenomenally until the host ragequit, nullifying all the experience points I'd earned. Boo. Jenny & I watched the Jimmy Fallon Saturday Night Live, but really I think we were more excited to see Amy Poehler. Team Leslie Knope! Nothing in the episode as good as Taran Killam dancing to Robyn, though. After that, we finished up the disc of Fringe that we started yesterday, which means we watched the episode "Concentrate & Ask Again Later." Which involved mind-reading & bone-melting & Olivia running around in a somewhat low-cut evening dress with a gun. At one point the mind reader says "the tall one thinks you are hot," which is like-- really. No kidding. The super attractive FBI bad ass in the sexy dress is hot. I'm shocked. It was a fine episode, made into a good episode by Anna Torv & Joshua Jackson. I didn't believe their romantic chemistry, but this new "almost but not quite" tension is good stuff. Breakfast was peanut butter & Nutella on English muffins, lunch was eggs over slices of avocado. I took off for the gym at the welcome urging of ranai, but I only ended up staying for an hour & fifteen minutes. My stomach was bothering me, which is a shame, since I'd been hoping to power through a nice block of time. Still, maybe I can twist it into motivation for going tonight. Came home & then Jenny & I watched two episodes of Leverage-- two concept episodes, "The Girls' Night Out Job" & "The Boys' Night Out Job," each of which took place over the same period of time, with some interweaving plot points. Of the two, "Girls' Night Out" was the better episode; "Boys' Night Out" suffered the big problem that occasionally plagues Leverage-- flashback sequences explaining everything in mind-numbing detail. Listen, I think there is a sad truth to the Mencken quote "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public," but come on. I get it. We all get it. You don't need to suck up seven minutes of screen time rerolling old footage. Still, both episodes were utterly absurd & over the top, which is what I was in the mood for. Sometimes a more serious heist story is fulfilling, but I wanted a more cartoonish twist, & I got them. Leverage has been on point this season. I'm glad they've been renewed for a new season. & I miss Human Target. & then, with that, it was time for bed.
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