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Death to Everybody.

(A sleepy, unflattering photo of me with Brian & Jocelyn from Amy's birthday.)

A full dance card! After lunch with ravenface, Bryan & Richard, it was back to work-- actually a pretty productive evening. Then Terra & I went to meet up with James, fordmadoxfraud & Simon at Rye House for drinks. I had a Ballast Point Barrel Aged Sextant Oatmeal Stout, which was fine-- everyone else seemed taken by it, but I just wished it was Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island, I guess. Oh, & I left myself a note in my phone to mention that I'd had the Dalwhinnie 15 at the work party; more to the point, I convinced Simon to order the Ardberg, which I think I am officially quite taken by. I was there for a while, but before too long it was time to head to Amy & Omry's engagement party at Terroir! That was a fun time; I talked to a couple of strangers for a while (about...dead babies? Not my fault!) & then ended up in the corner with Chris & Brian & Jocelyn. I'd ordered a bottle of beer from the waitress-- the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace that we'd enjoyed so much at Jenny's birthday, but the waitress was confused & charged Chris. & Chris just paid for it! It was for the room, anyhow. I ended up getting Du Bocq Purnode Lacu, which was fine, but just made me wish it was a legitimate gruit beer. Anyhow, the company & the event were lovely, & then Chris & I rode the train home together & I waxed poetic about Homestuck & the Protomen. As I am wont to do. & now there is some party in an apartment on the second floor & I am trying not to have a curmudgeon aneurism.
Tags: beers, parties, whiskey

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