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The Mary Celeste. (120)

Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks.

Magsby's favorite film?
Alien! She loves Ripley.
"She drives a spaceship!"

This was a really pleasant surprise! I mean, I shouldn't have been taken flatfooted-- these First Second comics are usually pretty great. This is the artist of Brain Camp solo work, & I have to say, it surpassed Brain Camp, if you ask me, & belongs on a bookshelf next to Anya's Ghost. For more reasons than just quality; both are also a sort of coming of age story for young women, both are sort of outcasts finding their way in the mess of high school, & both have...ghosts. The haunting ghostly apparition is a thing in First Second's comics, I don't know, it just is. This has a sort of post-Scott Pilgrim visual mentality, without the video game references & mad cap digressions. I liked this a lot; it sort of made me want to get a mohawk. Also, yeah, I totally had a picture of that prosthetic hand in my Oubliette image folder, don't you know. (Oh, & for the record, Alistair is right, Ripley is super hot in her underwear; that doesn't mean she kicks any less ass in those movies.)

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