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Tron Fights for the Users.

Well, I think the social portion of the weekend is already over; time for me to curl my tentacles up inside of my nautilus shell & hide for the rest of it. Thursday I went out to The Whiskey Ward with friends after work. I took the train down there with Brian & Matt, & we met up with Jocelyn, who was already there, & Kat, who joined us before too long. I had the Ardberg Non-Filtered Ten Year, & I was richly rewarded, because it was a hell of a drink. It is an Islay whisky, very Laphroaigian-- though I'm sure the Ardberg people would resent that description, it is the only touchstone for comparison I have. Very peaty; everyone around the table wanted a whiff. Kat bought me a Lagunitas IPA-- we had a bet, long ago, & now we're even-- & then we headed back to her apartment to hang out for a bit. & listen to X-mas music. I left first, & came home to Jenny, & we watched Community & Parks & Recreation. It is hard to believe that Community is going on indefinite hiatus, when Troy & Abed are dropping Childish Gambino science like this & Annie lays down a radical deconstruction of the infantilization of sexual objectification. Yup, that is just how television rolls, I guess!

Then yesterday, Friday, I went out to lunch at Rye House with one of my bosses & Aubrey. Then I came home after work, watched a couple of episodes of Doctor Who with ranai-- "The Beast Below" & "The Victory of the Daleks"-- before going over to Aubrey's apartment to eat sandwiches & watch Tron: Legacy. I'd seen it before, but I totally wanted to see it again. I like that movie quite a bit; I find myself baffled by the lukewarm & even negative reaction to it some fans had. My theory for that is the delusion of nostalgia-- the idea that somehow these people think the first movie, Tron was actually good. No, it was awesome, but it wasn't good, if you know what I mean. Same thing here. Also, Olivia Wilde as Quorra is awesome. A female character with agency, who is a total ninja bad ass, wears too much eye makeup & has short dark hair with bangs? That is my scene! When she snickers, that is my favorite bit. Plus, you know, Jeff Bridges as Gandalf Lebowski, as the stoner Obi-Wan Kenobi-- that is really great, too.
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