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Retrofuturism. (117)

Fashion: a Visual History by N.J. Stevenson.

Wigs hide computers.
Incroyable! Merveilleus!
Corsets of diamond.

Immediately upon opening this there are strains of the romantic versus the practical, echoing-- at least to me-- Grant Morrison's theory in Supergods about the give & take between the Dionysian & the Apollonian; fitting, since fashion & comics books aren't that dissimilar a medium, in a lot of ways. This is a lovely primer on fashion, from the Nineteenth Century to today...& in fact, citing Alexander McQueen, a little into the future. I'm a dilettante & a fashion novice, & I think this book has a lot of appeal as a history of clothing & costume & a visual reference for the intermediate & more well versed reader, as well. It talks about accentuating, & its evolution to extremes even in history, a topic of interest to me ever since I read Harold Koda's book. Going along in chunks of a decade to a quarter century, we get a brush with history-- oh, Beau Brummel, he's great! Bowler hats make me think of the boffins in the Leviathan series! Oh, Schiaparelli, you have a little H.R. Giger thing hidden in there, don't you! & the more modern period touches on all my favorites-- Westwood (who was part of the inspiration behind one of the characters in an Oubliette campaign), Lacroix, Gigli, Issey Miyake, the aforementioned McQueen, Mugler, Viktor & Rolf, now-disgraced Galiano, Gaultier, Pugh, the usual crew. Heck, it even mentioned the "Bravehearts" show at the Met that I went to in 2003. That was an unexpected flash to the past. & I noticed this suddenly: doesn't Emma Watson with short hair look exactly like a young Twiggy?

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