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Hey Nonny, Nonny. (116)

Dear Creature by Jonathan Case.

From Stygian depths,
it dredged up Prospero's books,
then Caliban rose.

A pretty interesting pitch: what if you mashed-up the Creature from the Black Lagoon with...Shakespeare? Alright then. Sort of a "Ten Things I Hate About Hammer Films." It relies equally on tropes of the slasher genre-- nothing riles up the eponymous creature quite like sexually active teenagers-- & quippy black comedy comics like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. The art is really expressive, there is oodles of iambic pentameter, there are a chorus of crabs urging the mutant to kill again, & there is a strange family melodrama in the background behind the romance that lends an element of mystery to the whole thing. Plus, I like a well executed Shakespeare motif. This isn't some middle-brow jerkwater "& hey, the monster quotes the Bard!" either-- there is an actual effort there for you to admire.

Tags: books, case, comics, haiku

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