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Tarsem Singh's Top Model.

(Allison Harvard, photo by Water Sassard.)

When I related my bad dreams I forgot to mention that I dreamt I was struck by lightning. Or like, if not lightning, than electricity from a blown power transformer. I was lying on the ground with the garbage, paralyzed, muscles locked up & spasming, & no one would help me. That was like a meta-dream; I had a hard time realizing it was a dream when I woke up to go to the bathroom. Didn't want to leave that out! Anyhow, Jenny convinced me to stay home today since I had a fever; apparently she thinks that I'm crazy that I think I'm going crazy, when she thinks I'm just sick. So maybe I am, so what of it! Other than that, though, last night was lovely. Jenny was babysitting Olivia & ranai went out to do something or other, so I had the apartment to myself for a few minutes! & then when Jenny came home we split a bottle of wine & watched Community, Parks & Recreation, & half an episode of Mythbusters. Oh man, Nick Kroll, a Shirley & Jeff episode, the return of Abed as Batman? Oh gosh, adorable Leslie & Ben romance, courtroom drama, ensemble jokes? A Lethal Weapon Two myth...involving liquid nitrogen? A good night for television.

Wednesday was a good night for television, too, because Wednesday was Television Night! Hallowed by the ages! A feat not to be lightly forgotten! The whole gang, starting with me & Jenny & Danielle, then adding fordmadoxfraud & elladorian to the fray, followed eventually by fatbutts & James! I guess not the whole gang, since Lilly's dog Archie wasn't there. Beers of note were the Southern Tier Old Man winter ale & the Samuel Adams Double Bock which was in fact too sweet but not nearly as awful as Maggie made it out to be. There was also red wine & white wine, but I didn't note what they were, & didn't find them particularly notable. First up was Storage Wars which I think everyone is finding unexpectedly charming. "I'm glad this is a thing now," someone said-- David? Maggie?-- but yeah. It is good group television. Then the main event of course-- America's Next Top Model All-Stars. On one hand, it was a Modelland themed episode-- complete with all the Tookie De La Créme references you could want! On the other hand, though, I don't like the narrative they are building. Allison obviously deserves to win it, Lisa shouldn't be there, but I think the rumors that Angela will be the winner might be true. Her rags to riches story-- well, "riches,"-- makes the best marketing plot for Modelland. Allison as the weirdo done good is the story I want to see, but I'm wondering if they aren't setting her up for a fall. Sad.
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