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Doom of the Muskrats.

I was so grumpy yesterday that I just speedlined home; express to express to the locale, no time to stop & wait. My back was a nest of snakes & bees, stinging & biting & aching; my brain was a ruin of jelly & spreadsheets, & all work & no play makes Mordicai a dull boy. Not that I really have any room to complain; I ran a really fun session of my Oubliette campaign this weekend, so it isn't like I haven't been playing! Except, well-- being a Narrator & Worldbuilder is hardly like being a Player; the rewards are infinitely greater, but the cost corresponds, you know? Anyhow, yesterday I ran home like a kid with a bloody nose & I curled up next to Jenny & watched some Leverage. Gosh, I'm glad that show is back; it is a solid reliable B+. Just all charm & class. The showrunner is a Dungeons & Dragons nerd, it has Whedonverse alumni, it is all heist & character. This episode was a Psychology & Game Theory 101 episode, all Milgram & Stanford Prison Experiment mixed up with a muddled Prisoner's Dilemma joke. Hardison & Parker & Eliot got to headline & well, that is a pretty good line-up! Next week Office spoof? Seriously, this show. So that was a lot of fun; I was still a lot of grumbles though. Played some GoldenEye, went to bed. Woke up alright. Just alright. Can't say as it has been too bad today. Late lunch, so I drank too much coffee. Mistakes may have been made. Fuzzy.
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