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Kilroy Did It.

I felt like I was twelve years old a little bit last night-- I was on the last chapter of the book I was reading & I couldn't handle being talked to! I just wanted to finish, to be done with it, so I ignored everyone even when they talked directly to me, & eventually just got up & walked into another room. Yep, that sounds like elementary school in a nutshell. But! It was Television Night, & as soon as I flipped the last page, I came out of my shell & returned to the land of the living. Me, Jenny, ranai, elladorian & fordmadoxfraud-- the old band, back together again! The boob tube wasn't complying though; an America's Next Top Model All-Stars clip show? More like skip show, am I right? We watched an episode of Storage Wars, which really is some decent reality show fun; unlike some reality programing like the Real Housewives or whatever there are actual characters to root for, & they have enough of a framework that the editing to build a narrative doesn't seem overly contrived. Then, because Danielle has yet to join our cult (& because heck, we'll all rewatch it happily no matter what excuse we have) we put on the Doctor Who episode with the first appearance of the Eleventh Doctor & Amy Pond-- "Eleventh Hour." It is funny to re-watch, because Matt Smith just...grows into the role so completely, & he seems almost tentative here. & you know, all the seeds are scattered about. The Pandorica will open! Silence will fall! He calls the TARDIS sexy! We were drinking wine-- white & red-- & the Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale Brown Shugga' Substitute, which was great! I mean, really good. Apparently they didn't have the brewing capacity to make their Brown Shugga Ale, which I haven't had, but if this is what they make to try to make up for it, it must be pretty good. The Substitute was like, half barleywine & half caramel malt-- we all liked it a lot, & it probably contributed to us talking about whether or not The Doctor was better than Santa Claus for like, thirty minutes.
Tags: antm, beers, doctor who, television

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