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Final Countdown.

Well, I remembered what I was forgetting to talk about yesterday-- Sunday! Not that Sunday was particularly epic or anything, but it was a tiny mote of dust stuck in a moonbeam, a splinter in my finger, a grain of sand in my boot. Jenny & I went over to Kira & Nino's apartment to have dinner, hang out with Olivia, that sort of thing. Their friend Linda, who we know from the Oakridge Kitchen days, was there too. Nothing big; a pasta with pork cheeks & pork shoulder, a salad, lots of wine, lots of chasing a baby. Things started early, which meant things ended early, which is for the best. Oh & the other thing I didn't talk about was the finale of Batman: the Brave & the Bold! It went to a deep meta place, which I think really paid off. Bat-Mite-- if you know who Mytzlplk, Bat-Mite is the same, but for Batman instead of Superman-- is par for the course, but the inclusion of effing Ambush Bug was unexpected &...actually really great? I generally find Ambush Bug (& Deadpool, for that matter) to be pretty flat on the four colour page-- I prefer my fourth walls to be broken by Time Tailors or fictional Grant Morrisons, I guess-- but I think he really worked in the context of the cartoon. & them breaking down the set? Actually pretty touching, especially since it was the actual end of the actual show. Well played...but Batman & Robin will never die!

Last night-- well, the day was spent deep in cryogenic hibernation, playing a rocketship game, eating a burger made with sage & chugging along through Rise of Endymion-- Jenny & I watched Bridesmaids. It was...fine? I definitely don't care about Judd Apatow. I mean, in general I find his movies vaguely entertaining, problematic but ultimately empty. Like, I got some laughs out of the first part of Knocked Up but soon turned sour on it...which summarizes my feelings about Bridesmaids, though at least Bridesmaids wasn't about men-children & shrew-women; women-children & shrew-women is still a significant change-up! It makes me think about Freaks & Geeks, which is a show I thought was fine but I wasn't a huge fan of...other than the last episode, with Franco joining the Dungeons & Dragons game. With Apatow's films, I don't know...I just feel like the characters should hit rock bottom in the first third, so that instead of being a a "sudden redemptive moment" there can be an actual character arc. Anyhow, that is just me. I still think of Melissa McCarthy as Sookie Saint James from Gilmore Girls, the Irish cop is super adorable, I don't know. Valiant effort, I guess? I just ended up feeling like it was Hollywood cardboard. Like when you see an action film that is by the book, & you are entertained at the wire fights & explosions & car stunts, but you leave being shrugs? That same thing, only with jokes.
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