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The Sleeping War.

(Laura Kirkpatrick, photo by Walter Sassard.)

Oh, last night's Television Night was a doozy! It wasn't particularly notable, but I think it was a pretty good Platonic realization of the occasion, you know what I mean? A decent representative sample. We started with Rachel's-- I had to go over there to set them straight about the kind of burritos they will or won't make-- & then I poured some Dark & Stormies. The ginger beer I got was actually pretty great-- it exclaims on the label that it is "peppery!" & it in fact was. fordmadoxfraud was running late, so I put on Storage Wars, which elladorian had never seen. Barry was in top form, & Jarrod & Brandi were pretty good, so I think the episodes we watched scored points with Maggie, & David too, when he rolled in. & then it was a double header of America's Next Top Model All-Stars. The first episode was...well, it was watching all the girls in a giant bowl filled with cucumbers, tomatoes & feta. A giant Greek salad. While the models poured olive oil over themselves. Possibly the most ludicrous shoot yet. Next up was drama drama drama, with Angela being her usual defensive self. Girl is a mess, but whatever. She's apparently the favorite to win it, according to the rumormill? Which is insane; Creepy-chan has been dominating from day one, & Laura is her only real competition. Or well, I like Laura a lot, but she's not really that much competition. Speaking of Lauras, I got David to search for "gap teeth big boobs" because I couldn't remember Lara Stone's name. Somehow the other models think Allison is the "weakest" one, which is really puzzling. I can't decide if the just don't understand what modelling is, or if they are just haters. Curious. Anyhow, between the dark, the storm, & the Lagunitas Whiskey Tango Foxtrot there was a general feeling of gregariousness all around by the end of the evening.
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