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The Terror Bird Pan-Dimensional Empire is a glorious place, full of squawks & caws of malice. Yesterday kingtycoon & I distracted ourselves from the terrible machine of life by fiddling around with some random character generation. Traveller, which I haven't played least a hundred years. Most memorable was the psychopath who loved only robots, but found he wasn't smart enough to make one that loved him back. He went to the stars, searching for aliens who might hold the secrets to robotics, & specialized in spacesuits, because aren't they just hollow robots that you get inside of, really? The planet he found was instead filled with loathsome fish-apes, semi-sentient creatures who spat acid & exhibited a mild form of telepathy-- skum, left behind by the departed aboleth, I imagine. What choice did he have but to sell the fish-apes are slaves? How I hate them. Then we snared Terra on our web of madness & rolled up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness characters. I went first, randomly getting a Transdimentional TMNT character, who had invented a Dimension Hopper...& was a Terror Bird. Score! I immediately decided that I was from a whole dimension of Terror Birds, no wait, a whole multi-dimensional empire of Terror Birds. We're a cosmic threat to the Rifts universe. & humans are just hairless fish-apes, in the end, aren't they? How I hate them. Terra rolled up a Transdimensional character as well, a familiar hyper evolved by a Time Lord...& the animal? Terror Bird! The dice were with us. You are meat for our beaks & talons.
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