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Uber Alles.

Between "Attendence has been low, so if I don't make [Model UN] awesome, they're going to cancel it. I wonder if I'll make it awesome?" from Leslie Knope & "Oh, uh, you know, I didn't really do Model United Nation in high school, oh wait, I super did.," from Ben Wyatt...well, lets just say that Parks & Recreation is just straight up killing it. If anything, I wish it had aired the same week as the Community Model U.N. episode, for a solid hour of Model U.N. humor. You know, I was pretty good at the Model U.N. back in my day. The key is knowing what kind of majority consensus you need, & exploiting it-- if you table a bill, you've as good as killed it, because you'll never come back to it. & you can never-- never go wrong with a motion to caucus. If you can cram a point of personal privilige in there, so much the better; kudos to you. I tip my cap. Community was good too, but I'm spoiled. So spoiler. Singing Seal's "Kiss from the Rose" song from Batman Forever is only going to get you so far! I was feeling under the weather so I skipped the gym; the night thus consisted of lots of television. I watched Young Justice-- why was everyone so upset? I mean, yeah it was a "end of the world scenario gone bad," but I mean, so what? Why so grimdark? I don't get it. At least My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic made sense, what with sibling rivalry & all that. Sure, the arc was predictable, but you don't get into it for the twists, knameen? & then while Jenny quilted, I finished things up with some Mythbusters, & now I sort of want to cover everything in truck bedliner. That is some potent, explosion-proof stuff.
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