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In Case Ya'll Aren't Wizards.

(Allison Harvard filming "Underwater", photo by Jaime Trueblood.)

So, last night's America's Next Top Model All-Stars was pretty wonderful. The cycle had been teetering on "boring" since the start, but as I predicted, now that they've cut away some of the chaff they can start building narratives. Particularly, the Creepy-Chan "struggle to victory" story that we all deserve. I'm sorry Laura, you are adorable, & I know this same thing happened when it was down to you versus Nicole, but everybody better recognize: Allison. The episode was really just fantastic fun-- the chemistry between The Game & Allison was particularly great, as we the sheer ridiculousness of "Pot Ledom." Allison's music video, "Underwater", was a clear home run-- yeah, you go all Polly Jean Harvey, run that game. No pun intended. Pure unadulterated success. Television Night was going fast & furious by that time; beer, cheap wine & candy galore. Lots of reminiscing about high school-- not like, nostalgic retreads of the past, but rather just talking about levels of violence & alienation, stuff like that. A survey of childhoods! Complete with photos, in Jenny's case. The gang was all there-- I got home first, & then fatbutts came over with her dog Archie. Archie was being rowdy, so I sort of had to hang out in robotland while Lilly disciplined him, & then Jenny got home from her missions, followed shortly by fordmadoxfraud & elladorian. James showed up, oh, about three quarters of the way through us re-watching the Doctor Who episode "The Lodger", which we didn't even finish. Too eager to press on into the depths of Top Model, though I think we were well rewarded.
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