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Blue Moon, Red Room.

(Frank Silva as Killer BOB, last day of filming Twin Peaks, photo by Richard Beymer.) Well, there were stairs; I climbed the twenty-two floors in about five minutes & ten seconds, which is respectable but hardly setting any records. I also ate a ton of bagels & then Terra & I walked over to Bellvue South Park. No wait, that was Monday; yesterday Terra & JJ & Jasmine & I walked down to Union Square Park to see a granny flashmob, running into Elizabeth & Kat & Pamela along the way. Then after work, Terra came over to my apartment-- while Jenny worked the CSA shift I was supposed to work, because Jenny is the best!-- & we watched two episodes of Twin Peaks; "Arbitrary Law" & "Dispute Between Brothers". I forgot how effing handsome Dale Cooper is when he's soaking wet under the fire sprinklers & his hair is in his face, & "Dispute..." is the one where Agent Cooper & Major Brigs go fly fishing & the owls are definitely not what they seem. Terra left & Jenny served up some dinner-- chicken with mashed potatoes & gravy with broccoli. Yummy, & then Castle-- a ghost story! That show, man, yes. I am always happy when shows slip the bonds of plausibility. "Hey, I'm making a narrative over here, who cares if it is silly?" Then tumble down, bed time. I was sleepy, & I guess I'm a little bit tired right now! Today has been a bit of a mess; not in a bad way, just in a fuzzy, confusing way. Jenny came by though & we hung out, walked around. So exciting right? Ugh, I am totally a half-zombie half-robot. Definitely a Deathlok style Universal Soldier situation over here.
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