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Torture Droids.

Today is a day where I just imagine all you zombies are cylons. Your meat falls away & you a gleaming Terminators, cruel machines trotting about. Eyes red & glittering. It has been a week of being alive. I haven't gone to the gym as much as I'd like-- I meant to go Tuesday but I went to Matt's instead-- which always makes me feel out of sorts. I need routine doses of endorphins to bioregulate, & when I don't get them I start feeling like you are all either squids or robots. I'll go today after work & it will radically improve my outlook. It isn't like I've been having a bad time of it. Wednesday was Television Night, after all, full of fordmadoxfrauds & elladorians. We watched the Doctor Who episode "Love & Monsters," which pretty clearly prefigures "The Lodger" & "Closing Time", as the sort of "everyman chap" has their life radically changed by a brief brush with The Doctor. Also, kicking off the whole "Doctor lite" tradition. Then it was time for another less-than-stunning episode of America's Next Top Model All-Stars. I mean, Coco Rocha! That is sort of exciting, & the football game is a reasonable challenge. I feeling really disconnected from the narrative. Bre was killing it this cycle, but she goes home? Eesh. & where is Allison? Give me Creepy-Chan. So yeah, it just hasn't come together for me this cycle, but maybe it will later? Then last night-- more social stuff? Sherene planned a little get together for some of the Flat Iron Folks, & me n' Terra came along, with Mysterious Greg, Emily, Lisa, Leslie & I guess other folks who came along after I left? The venue, Pranna was alright; small draught list, but the naan was good enough to make up for that. Terra & I snuck out after just one drink so we could watch an episode of Twin Peaks back at my apartment. We're up to "Drive with a Dead Girl" & I am pretty excited for the rest of the series. I know that popular wisdom has it that the second half of the second season isn't any good, but I totally disagree-- as the weirdness ratchets up, I think you start to see the surreal skeleton under the show. The end of the Laura Palmer arc is a major loss that leads to some narrative dissolution-- embodied in the James arc-- but the show makes up for it with the increasing intrusion of the Black Lodge. The back end of the show is the answer key, the encryption code that lets you attempt to decipher the rest of the series. When that episode was done, Terra left & I hung around till Jenny got back from Kira & Nino's apartment. Basically all I want to do with the rest of my life is hang out on the couch with Jenny, so excuse me while I fall into a sociopathic funk. We watched Modern Family, which was a perfectly cute episode, & then I played some GoldenEye & we went to bed.
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