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Voldemort is a Punk. (103)

The Comic Cover Art of Dungeons & Dragons Volume One by Devil's Due Publishing.

Staff of Magius,
& hungry black Stormbringer,
Elric Majere.

I'm not sure who the market is for this book! I mean, you're talking to a guy who owns The Art of Dragon Magazine, here-- I sure do like Dungeons & Dragons-themed art, but subdividing it all the way down to the comics is digging pretty deep. That being said, it is a nice volume, & there are a lot of pictures here that stir up the childhood nostalgia. Plenty of Raistlin Majere & Drizzt Do'urdon-- heck, there are even pictures that make an implied Moorcockian "Eternal Champion" link between them, which makes sense, especially looking at Raistlin as a very post-Elric character. There is a great Raislin picture by Alex Sheikman & Rob Ruffolo-- a variant cover of Dragons of Winter Night #1-- that just hits a nice abstract "comic book" mark. In more "realistic" style, Tylor Walpole's Lolth, the Spider Queen, is pretty great, & his "Raistlin bargaining with Tiamat Takhisis is aces; both are below. The same goes for Dan Scott's Demogorgon, all slithering around in a summoning circle. Ain't no surprise those three made for good covers. The book is filled with similar gems; Tasslehoff in chains is a cute one, & Kitiara looking both hot & bad-ass, Lord Soth being all doom & gloomy, Drizzt being all the template for the new DnD philosophy, swording a balrog, that kind of stuff. So yeah, I like it; I just don't know who it was targeted at!

(Dragons of Winter Night #1C by Alex Sheikman & Rob Ruffolo.)

(Dragons of Spring Dawning #2B by Tyler Walpole.)
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