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Who Keeps Company With Wolves Will Learn to Howl.

Emursive Presents Punchdrunk's "Sleep No More".

The best thing about other people going to see Sleep No More is that I get to remember my experiences seeing it as well as live vicariously through theirs. Now that I've seen it, I'm free to seek out "spoilers," & to talk about the various bits & pieces others have seen. To try to thread a story through the performance. This playbill is a helpful little tool; or rather, a fun piece of the puzzle. Then again, is puzzle the right term? Puzzle implies boundaries, edge pieces, corners-- shapes that fit together & a final goal that can be reached. Sleep No More is more organic than that, more fluid, more...unique, I guess? Still-- I have to say that having a chance to put names to faces is helpful, very helpful. Careena Melia, Gaberiel Forestieri, Elizabeth Romanski, Nick Atkinson, Sophie Bortolussi, Stephanie Eaton, Nicholas Bruder, Kelly Bartnik, Ching-I Chang, Isadora Wolfe...& you were there, & you were there...Kelly Bartnik & Ching-I Chang especially. Kelly Bartnik I recognize from the...subway! It was a mystery for a while, but now I'm pretty sure we used to take the train at the same time & share a car. Ching-I Chang was the nurse, but seeing that she plays the Sexy Witch intrigues me, since is it such a turn around. Gaberiel Forestieri & Nicholas Bruder are such...bookends to me. Cut from the same cloth. Really interesting. & that is the real attraction of this program-- it gives you hooks to hang your memory on, to pull from yourself things you might have forgotten. (Photos by Terra.)

Handing out the masks is like assigning seats in an auditorium. It establishes each individual as part of an audience, & creates a boundary between them & the action. THe masks create a sense of anonymity; they make the rest of the audience dissolve into generic, ghostly presences, so that each person can explore the space alone. They allow people to be more selfish & more voyeuristic than they might normally be. Hidden behind a fictional layer, they lose some of their inhibitions. It's an important part of the dreamlike world we are trying to create.--Felix Barrett.

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