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Anti-Skill. (100)

A Certain Scientific Railgun Volume Two by Kazuma Kamachi & Motoi Fuyukawa.

is the key to rivaling
the Tree Diagram.

Both this volume & the previous volume in the A Certain Scientific Railgun series kick off with a little flesh for seemingly no reason, but then proceed tickety-boo from there, almost like there was some checklist with "put some skin up front to draw in the readers" on it. Here, it is the awkward (but of course, beautiful) scientist Harumi Kiyama, socially challenged, who can't understand the social mores as to why she can't take her shirt off when it gets hot inside. She could wear the same amount of fabric at the beach! This issue has more detective work & supernatural brawling in it, reminding me more of Fullmetal Alchemist than Hayate X Blade. The same kind of "this world accepts psychics/alchemists as an aspect of science" logic, paired with responsible users of those powers fighting against those who have "cheated" to gain or improve their powers. Kuroko Shirai is the big winner in this issue, with her clever use of teleport powers & her cool ninja darts (kept in the hem of her stockings, of course) resulting in a well choreographed fight against an opponent whose powers make for a really interesting illustration challenge for Fuyukawa. This volume ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, which gives me an opportunity for introspection-- how well do I like these, really? Well enough that I am looking forward to getting my hands on Volume Three, which means I like 'em plenty.

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