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Pillars of Salt.

Television Night & Pumpkin Beer! When fordmadoxfraud & James went out for round two of beer shopping, they grabbed a Southern Tier Pumking, which was the clear winner. Sweet-- more of a pumpkin pie beer, almost-- but spicy & really delightful. The real highlight of the evening, though, was Jenny's decision to get scientific! Experiments! See, elladorian & fatbutts didn't know about asparagus pee! Which we've known for a bit, but since Jenny had cooked asparagus for dinner, we decided to put it to the test, & fed them both asparagus. See, it can be either a lack of an ability to smell the "perfume of the chamber-pot" or it could be that their bodies don't produce the chemical that makes the smell. Either is possible! So yeah, we had a urine smelling experiment. Neither of them could smell the aroma on my or Jenny's pee, though it was there, & Lilly at the very least produces the smell, as well. Maggie didn't go to the bathroom the whole night-- !-- so the verdict is still out on her. Otherwise, yeah! Television! We started off with Doctor Who, finishing up the arc with the Weeping Angels that concludes with "Flesh & Stone." After that, America's Next Top Model All-Stars, which was...dreary. Thirty minutes to learn a CSI script isn't really an interesting or fun challenge, & it was a distressingly tepid photoshoot. Boring, skip. & that was just about that! Then today-- I meant to go to the gym but my stomach was a little hinky, so I stayed home & watched Modern Family & Community with Jenny instead. Chang's detective arc was cracking me up. Oh & when I came home Jenny & Lilly were here with baby Olivia, & she walked for the first time! Not first steps, but first "several steps in a row." She walked to me, to show me her donkey stuffed animal, & then she did it again later, chasing Lilly. Developmental milestones, huh? That is just about it, though; I'm sort of wiped out by life, the universe & everything.
Tags: antm, doctor who, gym, television

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