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Unnamed Judgement Member Shipper. (99)

A Certain Scientific Railgun Volume One, by Kazuma Kamachi & Motoi Fuyukawa.

Spoons hidden inside
Gekota & Keroppi
are gravity bombs.

Like Hayate X Blade, A Certain Scientific Railgun is a manga about a girl's academy where violent shenanigans are the norm. In A Certain Scientific Railgun, however, the school is a whole city, & rather than sword fights, the brawling is psychic in nature. Well, "psychic," but focusing on the whatever-kinesis side of psychic powers, mostly. If you think X-men in terms of powers, you'll be pretty much on the money. Mikoto Misaka is the eponymous "railgun," as her power as an esper is control of electromagnetics, will the wide scope that entails. Her signature move is flinging an arcade token at supersonic speeds, hence the nickname. Kuroko Shirai is a teleporter & her partner Kazari Uiharu is...actually, I'm not sure what Uiharu's special ability is. An important trick to black & white comics is hair style-- you've got to make the character's visually distinctive-- & A Certain Scientific Railgun is good at that; Misaka's shag, Shirai's pigtails, Uiharu's short hair & flowers. It avoids the confusion that sometimes came up in the later volumes of Hayate X Blade. So does that mean this is shōjo manga? It is a "light novel," but I know manga is hypercompartmentalized with subgenres.

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