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Feallan & Fëanor.

So they art I saw them putting in is Alison Saar's Feallan & Fallow at Madison Square Park. The sculptures are, as follow: "Spring," "Summer," "Fall" & "Winter," along with a non-season piece, "Treesouls." All the photos are by me except the last one, which Terra took, since she has better balance than me & you sort of had to stand on a wooden curb to get a good angle on it. & that is that; I've started eating lunch on a budget, so taking advantage of the park while the weather will still allow it is a big boon. Basically, Madison Square Park has turned into my haunt for an hour out of every day. Which isn't the worst way to live. Oh hey, you know what would hit the spot right now? Some coffee.

Tags: art, museums, photos

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