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Pot Ledom!

(Photo of Allison Harvard by Ricky Middlesworth, MSPaint goofing by me.)

All-Star America's Next Top Model! You know how much I like All-Star stuff! & America's Next Top Model! Sort of a perfect storm, & there were two episodes to watch, so it consumed Television Night entirely. We had our own cast & crew of stars-- Jenny got home about five seconds before fatbutts showed up, & then she was followed before too long by fordmadoxfraud. It was elladorian's five year anniversary of living in Metropolis, but somehow she was the one roped into picking up our hot dogs & disco fries. James showed up just as we were getting cracking! The cast is half broken, half perfect. Oh Sheena-- she was sent home almost immediately, because she's a not-very-good model, but she's fantastic as a person. She should be hosting some television show, somewhere. Isis is there, no surprise, & she's killing it. Poor Kayla is there, but without her red hair-- so I'm not that impressed? Bianca is a huge disaster, but she is a good model, & can wear the hell out of a skirt. Dear sweet Laura, the cowgirl, is back; she's runner-up in my affections. The star, of course, is Allison, our wonderful creepy-chan. I'd root for Allison against pretty much anyone else ever from this show, except Heather. There are huge disasters, too-- like the girl with meth face & washed up "party girls" & the Christian who won't do anything she arbitrarily finds distasteful. In her defense, though, while a bathing suit might be smaller than the lingerie you wanted her to wear, it isn't lingerie. That might seems like a strange social construct, & it is, but social constructs are weird. Oh, Alexandria is back-- she got booed, which was great, but now I've had my fill. I will say, this season cycle looks like it will be crazy-- the shoot & the collage of all the girls isn't even "bad photoshop," it is bad MSPaint. It looks like someone had my fiddling around with the images on my lunchbreak. & there was a very Battlestar Galactica-esque grooming montage as they cut Nigel's gross hair. On the plus side, it is super Lisa Frank, Nicki Minaj & the intro! Oh the ANTM inro is amazing, & a perfect example of the kind of hot mess of genius I expect out of Tyra.
Tags: antm, mspaint, television

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