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Remeber the Tooth!

(Movie Barcode for David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.)

Ancient & slaughtered with the eons! Oh mighty monolith builders, senders of comets-- icy bodies honeycombed by hive-minded bugs, flung at c+ speeds-- bring your alchemy to this page! Let me find, in the cracks left behind, the time to actually scribble a hastily wrought account of my life, so that future clones can look back on it & smile. I previously mentioned going to Westchester to destroy the X-men celebrate Terra's hurricane-belated birthday. That was last Saturday & it was a lot of fun. Jenny had to work so she couldn't come, but I navigated the trenches & labyrinths of the Metro-North & whoosh, off I went. It was a nice time! There were a few work people, but not as many as you might think. We played a bunch of volleyball-- I have a decent learning curve. I was pretty terrible at first, but I wasn't embarrassing by the end of it. We shuffled up teams & what have you, but performance to break even & maybe even slightly trend towards winning.-- I dived in the grass & got dirty but I got the ball, so it looked athletic rather than spastic, I hope. There was grilled meats & Rock Band & then JJ & I took the train back to Metropolis. Mental note-- you've got to leave way earlier next time you go to Westchester to show Charles his pathetic folly visit Terra. That was a nice little weekend getaway! Sunday was just Jenny & I puddling about the apartment. She really is tops! My preference is to hide away, just the two of us. Monday was the gym, bang bang! You're what? Tin Roof? Rusted! I've moved from "tough guy nod" to "how you been?" to "special clutch handshake" with some of the guys at the gym. Gym relationships are hilarious-- like the woman I wave hello to, even though we've never said a word to each other! We've just ellipticalled next to each other several times a month for several years.

Then Tuesday, Terra came over & we ate burritos & watched some Twin Peaks, picking up where we'd left off. Since I'd recently experienced the commute from my place to hers, I didn't try to peer pressure her into another episode-- fly away & get home at a reasonable hour! Then when Terra had left Jenny & I split a bottle of wine & watched Castle & Two Broke Girls. Castle was a soap-operatic program where Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic have sexual chemistry & solve crimes. I know, that is the premise of the show, but the thing I like about the show is that, well, it basically recapitulates its core every episode. This one was a little heavy on the melodrama, but I featured Michael Dorn, who is awesome & Jenny loves. Loves. Also, Stana Katic could stand to put on ten pounds. Two Broke Girls-- or, I'm sorry, 2 Broke Girls-- was really terrible. Not even Kat Dennings, who I liked a lot in Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist & Thor, could save it. I think I've decided that Whitney Cummings might be awful. Part of the problem is that it was set in a New York that was like what some eighty year old Hollywood producer who has never been to the city imagines it is like. I'm not talking "how do Joey & Chandler afford such a big apartment!?" stuff, I'm talking-- graffiti covered trains, people pretending Williamsburg was some spooky neighborhood & that the Upper East Side is some incredibly posh wonderland-- it was weird, weirdly bad. The plot is "topical" but for three years ago-- Bernie Madoff, cupcakes, hipsters. The jokes are basically...saying dirty words? I made the predictable comparison to Two Girls, One Cup, & moved on. Yeah, skip.
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