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Hobo Racoon. (94)

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon.

Golem in a box!
Just cut here! Add glue, tape, wires!
(Beware of water.)

This cute little guy participates in the genre of pictures without words-- well, without dialogue, I should say, as there are titles & seasons listed & the like. It is big on the Ws-- whimsy & Wisfulnes, as dog builds a robot & dog loses robot. I guess I should say Dog builds Robot, with the proper nouns capitalized. The references-- Castle in the Sky, The Rabbi's Cat, that sort of thing-- give it a sense of context, but the story is meant to tug at the heartstrings of whomever picks it up. I originally got this to give to elladorian, since she's all about sad robots, but unsurprisingly, she'd already read it, so I took it for a spin. It has a dream about a plant man on the other side of the Earth & a robot getting hugged by a cloud. If that sounds interesting to you, then you would really like this. I mean, eating ice cream with a penguin while your robot rusted under the ice, if that is your thing, then here you go.
Tags: books, comics, haiku, varon

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