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& the Angels Wept.

Alright, a big weekend, with lots of media & lots of adventure. Lets do the media first, because-- well, because I'm lazy & that seems like it will require less effort from me. Saturday morning was filled with cartoons! I woke up & my DVR was chock full of them-- thanks, computer! I started off with Batman: the Brave & the Bold, which opened with a Wonder Woman storyline stub, complete with grindhouse choir girls singing "Wonder Woman!" in the background. That. Just do that. Heck, even the genderswapped roles-- Steve Trevor as damsel in distress-- was a cute nod to Moulton Marston's politics. After that, I rolled out on some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-- the season premiere, featuring John "Q" de Lancie as Discord. Uh, kind of a wonderful episode, as Discord turned everyone's signature Element of Harmony against them. Relatedly, I watched another episode this weekend where Twilight Sparkle's skepticism was won out by faith in Pinkie Pie's psychic powers. A pretty disappointing moral, but it did have Twilight Sparkle freaking out & going diabolical inferno. Also, Young Justice-- Red Arrow versus Cheshire, all at the behest of Ra's al Ghul & Lex Luthor. I would have liked a little more romantic tension between Red Arrow & Cheshire, but the show-- & Brave & the Bold-- continue to prove the point I tried to make about the animated shows-- they both discard & embrace previous stories in equal part. No "canon" devotion, but rather, evocation. I went to Terra's party, so I had time on the train to Westchester to read a couple of books & then, eventually, it was time for Doctor Who-- "The God Complex." It is hard to believe that show is actually on the air-- that is some good television, is what I'm saying. Rewatching the earlier incarnations of the Doctor is fine, but the most recent two seasons are just alchemy-- Moffat & Smith & the rest have come together to make some fine moving pictures. & the details! The Doctor's "room" was number eleven? You've got creepy dream logic & creepy nightmare monsters, you've got skillful camera work to make "a guy in a suit" a horrid minotaur, you've got the House of Leaves smashed up with The Shining, the meta-commentary on the Companions, you've got the monster confronting The Doctor with his mortality, you've got gutwrenching, you've got is just a heck of an hour. A heck of an hour & here is the thing-- it isn't even a very exceptional episode! Just another really good monster of the week, but damn. Actually, I think I'll go watch a Tenth Doctor episode with Jenny now, come to think of it.
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