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But Sometimes, People are Robots! (93)

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity by Dave Roman.

Space School! The first rule:
The enemy's gate is down!
There are no more rules.

Here is how this graphic novel works. Take the loose idea of Ender's Game, a bunch of hyper-precocious kids in a space battle school. Then mix in a heaping dose of Scott Pilgrim. Pepper in a staff that is composed of things like an elf teaching science, a mysterious panda, a Cobra Commander homage-- Guidance Chancellor Bee-- & a Cloud Strifeesque principal. Turn the knob labeled "weirdness" to eleven, & there you go-- you've got Astronaut Academy. I mean-- you've got a killer cyborg clone quoting Tori Amos! "Caught a light SNEEZE but at least they didn't ruin my precious things. But it looks like I'll be putting the DAMAGE on." Okay, Cybert! I don't know what to tell you-- this is a shiny book filled with surreal comics about insane children in outerspace, & that is awesome. Doug Hiro never takes his spacesuit off! He's pretty great. The sport of choice is called fireball, you play it in suits of power armor & their rival team is made up of tanuki. Yeah, this is a fun piece of crazy, & I am excited for the next volume, Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry.
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