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I was thinking about this today-- good job arrogent young Mordicai! It turns out, one of the perks of being a grown-up is perspective on the past, & you were right, little guy. You might have been a prick, but you were better than all of them, & you did leave The Wasteland & never look back. Your elitist attitude was borne out by the march of history. Good for you, kid. Wait, what? What am I talking about, I can't even. I mostly want to talk about how, if my face was a giant verticle slit with shark teeth & was lined by eyes, that would be okay. I think about that sometimes! Oh, don't mind me. I went to lunch with Marie & Eliot & I may have eaten too much, so I may be food coma crazy. Perhaps. Yeah, I might be in a bit of a strange place. Science will tell us. Science says: yes. Better double check with Magic. Magic says...I am also science. & also Friendship. What is going on? I am losing my mind. Got to lock it up. This is the second time in as many days as I've seen Marie-- last night Jenny & I went to a cocktail party hosted by her friend Sydney, who went to Sleep No More with us. It was a nice time, this cocktail gig-- martinis & lots of economics professors. I was just starting to get into the groove (boy you've got to prove) when Jenny announced that it was time to leave, & look at that, it was already ten thirty! I wanted to stay later anyhow, but went with her suggestion & was pretty glad I did by the time I got home, & again this morning. "Having a few drinks & staying out past ten" is a world apart from "getting drunk & staying out all night," & I was happy for the former. Before that, I hung out with Matt, Brian & Jocelyn at Kat's apartment. That was pretty lovely, too-- there was a plan to go to a bar with Brian & Jocelyn but I never made it there-- by the time Matt & Kat were underway to head over there, it was time for the cocktail event. & I can't stop thinking about what if Jason Voorhees was bit by a radioactive spider & became Spider-Man. It is like a messed up combo of Venom & Casey Jones, I think. It is...a great visual.
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