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Jason Mask of Spider Eyes.

They are putting up new art in Madison Square Park, but I don't know anything about it. Fine by me, I was sick of the big distorted head. I mean, I liked when you could sit in the shadow, but after that, psh. Whatever! Lets see, life, life, being alive, meat going around, doing meat things, having meat make ideas, having meat make noises to communicate ideas. La la la. Lunches with Terra, especially at Prêt A Manger, which I've been craving something fierce. Then we slug it over to Madison Square & gulp it down. It isn't a bad system! Yesterday Jenny had to work really late, so I sat down, finished the book I was reading, & headed out to the gym. A pretty decent hour & fifteen minutes, with two sets on the free weights, though the churchbench is still busted up. Bummer! On the television I flipped back & forth between Storage Wars & Man Versus Food. So yeah, I root for Barry, Brandi & Jerrod, in that order, & watching Adam Richman pal around with Andrew Zimmern was cute. I was going to go for another hit of elliptical at the end there, but I lazied out. Instead I grabbed some hot wings-- & thanks to a last minute phone call for Jenny, grabbed some more hot wings for her-- & headed home to watch The Comedy Central Roast of David Hasslehoff. I like roasts! I guess that might be embarrassing, but I do. Also, I have weird feelings about Hasslehoff-- he looks like he could be biologically related to me, judging from what I remember about people I'm biologically related to. Anyhow, also, I like Hulk Hogan. He fought Andre the Giant, the greatest gladiator of his generation! He does a little wrist flourish & the crowd cheers-- it is just reflex! Then to bed. Or well, "bed," since I managed to wake up at three thirty in the morning & potter about till about four thirty, when I finally was able to get back to bed.
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