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I Don't Want You I Just Like the Attention.

I don't know, being alive? Trying to live a life of quiet desperation? I did end up getting out of the apartment & going to the gym on Saturday though it took me all day to build up to it. Not a bad bit of hustle while I was there-- an hour twenty-five, though a fat chunk of it was cardio. The church bench is busted & I used that to do my heavier curls, so that is out of rotation. Came home & I'm not sure what exactly? Mystery, I guess. I was alive, I'm pretty sure. On Sunday I ran my game which was a blast-- the low-adventure high-social games always have a place in my heart. The session ended early, thanks to the flow of the story & James having to duck out for Fashion Week. I hung out with Sam & Tracey afterward; they introduced me to La Roux, which has been my jam for the last few days. Then Monday, er, I guess I had a pig's head sandwich with Terra before the Big Tennis Thing. It was a Cuban Sandwich made with a pig's head & yes it was yes. Yes. Terra had a crab & truffle pizza that was too much, no. & the squirrels were very no. No. I had to leave work early to come in & look at the water damage from Not Hurricane Irene with my landlord & my super & the building manager. Serious Grown-Up Face. When they left I watched a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode about the founding of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, so there was some good news! & then another nice hammer of a time at the gym; messing around with lots of machines since I couldn't do all the stuff with free weights I normally could. Also, I was on the cardio machines that think resistance twenty is higher than the others do-- different software-- so I had to push. Nice. & then Jenny & I watched "Night Terrors," a rather fine Monster of the Week episode of Doctor Who. Of course I knew it was a dollhouse, I knew as soon as there was the copper painted wooden pots & pans. Then again, I spent a couple of terrifying weekends in the workshop of a family who made dollhouse furniture for a living-- camping out on the floor in a sleeping bag amidst the tiny gumball machines & all that. I lost a nice vintage Army coat there, actually.
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