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Here is the thing that gets me: who cares about continuity? I mean, when I read a comic book, I don't expect to have read...every single comic that could theoretically have gone before. Reboots to continuity seem like an endless addiction that do more long term harm than good, much like Marvel's constant events. Who cares about reboots? Just tell a story where the structural elements of the narrative are things we all know because of shared mythology-- Superman can fly, Superman is Clark Kent, Lois Lane loves Superman, Lex Luthor hates Superman-- & then build from there? Doctor Who is a perfect example of a show with long running continuity that contains the promise of the show within each episode, within each season, within each Doctor. The Doctor travels through time, got it, that is what you need to know, going in. The rest of it you can pick up in the episode through an advanced technique called writing. & you can totally tie your plotlines in to the rising tide of decades worth of stories-- you just don't have to make it reliant on that. It is just so frustrating to be in a position where-- hey, I'm a guy who talks about comics a lot, who reads comics a fair bit & I'm alienated by all this stuff. I mean, taking out the bit where they have a bunch of guys from the EXXXTREME Nineties do the reboot, even! & the sad fact that we're back to a white male status quo in many cases-- a systemic problem in fiction over all. Hey, at least there is stuff like Static Shock & what have you-- I just have the depressing feeling that things like Mister Terrific are being primed for failure. "Hey, we had a comic with a black guy, but nobody bought it!" Maybe I'm a pessimist. I just don't get it; the people in charge of the DC Animated Universe understand it. Was that just Dwayne McDuffie? Are-- were-- Dwayne McDuffie & Grant Morrison the only people at DC who get it? Was that it? Sigh. It just baffles the mind. Even more of an issue is the fact that the whole reboot/event cycle seems to work. It sells comics, or at least that is what the numbers say. I just can't imagine to whom. I know, I know, a comic book nerd? Complaining?! Super original.

While I'm complaining, can I just say how frustrating it can be to listen to people talk about Capitalism? First, like, we can discount the notion that we have Capitalism in America, right? I mean, "Corporate Welfare" sounds like a bit of a screed, but that is the situation we've enshrined, right? Socialism in which the wealthy & the corporations have a safety net, subsidized risk for the top 1%-- or top .01% or whatever the case may be. Anyhow, Capitalism is the worst! I mean-- people have invoked Darwinism descriptively, & I don't think it is all that wrong to do so. Unchecked Capitalism is like evolution. The thing is, evolution sucks! Especially if you are the species in question. It works by having most things go extinct-- evolution is dumb as hell. That whole "boom & bust" cycle of Capitalism is a real thing, & we need to use Socialism to moderate it-- you want to smooth out the bumps so that the dips aren't, you know, a total recession causing clusterfuck. I mean, here is the problem-- to stretch the evolution metaphor, which I think works because it is fairly robust-- is that we're subsidizing pandas. "Hey, we are giant megafauna that exist to feed off one single food source but are otherwise ridiculous & useless!" Oh you poor dumb market models! What we should be aiming for is a shark. Hey, ticking along for four hundred million years. Watch the dinosaurs rise & fall & keep on swimming. We need to aim for a shark with our Socialism but leave enough Capitalism in the mix for mammals to occasionally crawl on in, grow fins & become whales, & vice versa.
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