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Burner of Ships.

Jenny & I tried to watch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind last night, but we only got halfway through the disc before it choked up & froze. I guess there was just an epic scratch-- it froze in chapter 11, but even skipping to chapter 13 didn't unstick it, so I called it a loss & told Netflix to send a new one. I've never seen it before, can you believe it? I was really digging it, but Jenny said she thought it was boring. Figures; I like boring things. I joked about how I didn't think it was boring enough, I wanted the characters to stop & have a section where they talk about economics & the sociology of a post-toxic jungle world for an hour. I was super grooving on it, & it actually was covering ground I've spent a lot of time thinking about for my Oubliette game. The bugs & the Ohmu & the toxic jungle evoke a situation somewhat similar to the Invid & the Flower of Life in Robotech, & I think sometimes about mashing up the Invid & the xenomorphs from Alien. Plus, you know, ceramic armor, diamond swords, airships with portals made of the shells giant alien bugs discard like gargantuan cicadas, shadowy titans striding the world & grinding it to rubble...yeah! Yep, that is my jam right there. Lets see; for lunch, Jenny & Terra & I went to Sagaponack for crab rolls (crub rull!) & then for dinner Jenny & I got Michael & Ping's Chinese food, which was pretty good! I was feeling it, anyhow. & that was that. Jenny has bug bites, & a head ache, & I was tired & crabby & in general the worst. It wasn't bad, but it was like, an exhausted slump. I'm just happy Jenny is home, for one thing. Since the movie wouldn't play, we ended up watching a couple of episodes of Storage Wars. I don't really like the pawn or auction genre, but I do like Storage Wars alright. & I picked up the CSA, & smashed the fruit. I carried the tomatoes separate so I wouldn't smash them, but we don't like tomatoes that much, & we have a ton of them already from last time, & the raspberries were the thing I actually should have treated with kid gloves. Dumb.
Tags: csa, ghibli, movies, nausicaa, television

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