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What Happened to Josie?

Yesterday was a pleasant little snake-hand of a day. It was a half-day at work, & I got a bunch of stuff done that I needed to do, & pursued a path that hopefully will make a piece of drudgery associated with my new job-- entering lists of ISBNs by hand-- go away through the miracle of information technology. There is a hurricane coming, right on the heels of the earthquake, did you notice? Anyhow, it isn't very exciting, as it basically ruins my plans for the weekend. On Sunday I was going to run my Oubliette campaign & then on Saturday I was going to go upstate for Terra's birthday party. It is a bummer that her party got canceled, & also a bummer that I didn't get to meet her husband to assure him that I'm not macking on his wife. I mean, we're all on the same page, but I feel like once I get to meet him he'll understand that I'm just a genuine weirdo, not someone creeping on his wife. Anyhow, I did get to give Terra her present early, on account of the cancellation-- I am impatient with gifts. My present was a fossilize dinosaur tooth! A genuine dragon fang out of the mouth of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. I wrapped it in this "Black Widow" illustration by Stephanie Hans, & it looked pretty ace.

When work was finally over, Terra & I came into Brooklyn, ordered some Indian food, & picked up watching Twin Peaks where we left off last week. Oh man, every time I watch Twin Peaks I catch something new, even now. Like-- Ben Horne has a tossed off line, off camera, where he asks someone "Are you familiar with the works of Knut Hamsun?" What! Jenny recommended Knut Hamsun's Mysteries years ago, & it is...super, super Lynchian. I mean, down to creepy dream sequences with little people in it. Heck, I photocopied passages from the book & stuck them in my Oubliette notebook! So that is pretty awesome. I can't remember if I'd put the Hamsun/Lynch connection together before, but they clearly are of a piece. Also we talked a bit about season one & season two. Terra is into Twin Peaks, she says, but she's not yet obsessed with it. Now, I realize it is popular opinion that the first season of Twin Peaks is vastly superior to the second, but I disagree-- while the first season is tightly made & well aware of itself as a primetime soap opera, I think it isn't until the second season goes insane that the show really becomes itself. The macabre spiritual setting of the second season retroactively casts the more mundane first season in a spooky supernatural light. I think the second season is the exegesis of the first season, where the mythology of the show unspools & the background dream-logic moves to the center. It is the inner mysteries!
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