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Catch of the Day.

(Me in Madison Square Park back in June, photo by porphyre.)

I don't know, I suppose I have been up to other things, I mean I must have been, I'm alive nearly a full twenty-two hours out of every day. I went to Molly's with Terra for lunch on Tuesday I guess? We were both huge, huge disasters, but luckily, Molly's is kind of a huge disaster too. There was an earthquake while we were there, but we could barely even handle eating, let alone eating & talking, let alone eating & talking & noticing natural disasters. I mean, if you can call it that. That was the same day that I only managed twenty minutes at the gym, so yeah. Sort of a failed day. Yesterday was better! I went to lunch with Aubrey, Laura & Tamarra. We got sushi at Chef 28 & gossiped about work. After that was the big adventure to the Basement! Terra & I went down there, fought a skeleton & three lizard people, & then found a bookshelf for me. The skeleton I was prepared for, but who knew that the Flat-Iron had reptloids? The bookshelf is a rare find, as it fits perfectly into my rather limited space budget, & it has quite the pedigree, since it was an extra piece from the Chief Executive Officer's desk set. Now with a bookshelf & the plastic-framed National Geographic maps of the ocean floor, I'm almost all set. Just a few finishing touches! Came home after that busy day & put in my hour & fifteen minutes at the gym-- mostly cardio & free weights. Which-- that was that! & then today I climbed the twenty-two flights of stairs in the building in four minutes & thirty-three seconds, which is intense. Ben was right there with me, though. Lets see about hitting the gym again tonight! That is the plan, anyhow. & then, the Hurricane.
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