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You Can't Piss on Hospitality.

I think part of why my friendship with Terra works is because we fill similar roles in our respective marriages. That is-- Jenny & I have a matched set of introversion & extroversion, so we cover the bases. There are levels-- by extroversion wants us to go out to a party with a bunch of friends but Jenny's introversion doesn't feel like dealing with small talk & acquaintances, but my introversion kicks in & makes me want to leave the party early, when Jenny's extroversion is just getting started-- so it over all layers in a way where we integrate really well. Terra & her husband are something similar, & what that means for me in practice is that when Terra & I hang out, it is a double dose. I shouldn't be surprised! My roleplaying campaign is a good example of how I get things of value from people who aren't Jenny, so I shouldn't be shocked to get psychological benefits from new friends, either. I haven't really hung out with anyone this regularly since familywolf & , anyhow. Yesterday was one of the last few Summer Friday Half Days, & Terra & I were hanging out & talking about it a bit. I was meant to get lunch with porphyre, but life got in the way & the jigsaw pieces just didn't fit. Instead, once a few last pieces of work were sorted away, Terra & I went to Rye House for lunch & a drink. I had a Connemara Peated Single Malt that was nice, & Terra had a Left Bank Gimlet, with Plymouth Gin, Luxardo Maraschino, Saint Germain, lime & cucumbers. After that, we decided to hell with a museum, & got on a train for Brooklyn.

I got us off at Union, which I will probably pretend was on purpose, but really was because I was totally distracted & not paying attention. Anyhow, it gave me an excuse to walk down Fifth Avenue going "that is my Thai place, this is my hibachi place, here is my artisanal sake place, here is my...&c." We stopped in the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company, which is always a nice place to show newcomers to the neighborhood, as...well, it is what it says on the tin. "There is a secret passage way!" I whispered. "To...tutoring!" After that we grabbed some yoghurt from Culture & got to my apartment. I gave her the nickle tour-- "these are the clockwork bugs Jenny got me, these are my Exploding Dog prints, also from Jenny, here are my bookshelves, here are my Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, this is...&c." I am pretty happy with my life, so it is nice to have a chance to brag a little, especially to an appreciative audience-- that way I don't feel like I'm being smug. Then we popped in Twin Peaks, because, come on. Twin Peaks. 2001: A Space Odyssey is my favorite movie of all time, & Twin Peaks is my favorite television show of all time. Gospel shit, right? We got through the pilot & two episodes, which I think is the perfect first exposure. Seeing Agent Cooper throwing rocks at the bottle & then the first Red Room dream sequence, which I think is really where the shape of the show becomes visible. Oh man, Twin Peaks! I had to stop myself from mouthing lines & clapping whenever a new character came on screen.

Jenny came home towards the end of it, & then shortly thereafter Terra left-- the curse of living in Germania, to the north of great Rome. It was pouring buckets of rain for a few minutes, right when she left, & then I went out to go get Jenny & me pizza. We call it "Pizza Share," which is when I got to my local shop & order a couple of interesting assorted slices. I brought it home, poured a glass of absinthe-- the whole nine yards, dribbling cold water over sugar cubes, though I used a salad fork instead of a special spoon-- & put on the documentary Best Worst Movie. I don't usually care about movies, & I don't usually care about documentaries & I don't usually care about bad movies. I mean-- I guess that is sort of a lie, that last bit? I like cult movies. Remember that class on cult films that onatopofthings & I took? Actually, a couple of classes, come to think of it. That said, I don't like irony. I'm a sincerity kind of guy, & have been from day one. Oh, sure, I might be a sarcastic prick, but I legitimately & actually like the stuff I like. I was being challenged on it the other day-- "you really like My Little Pony?"-- & when I pointed out the show's relationship to Powerpuff Girls I was met with blank stares. Really! There are people who didn't watch Powerpuff Girls! I didn't know, either. Anyhow, Best Worst Movie is a documentary about Troll 2, widely considered the worst movie ever made-- & more accurately described as this generation's Rocky Horror Picture Show, & as an inheritor of the Ed Wood tradition. If you ask me, Buffalo 66 is the actual worst movie ever made. Best Worst Movie was pretty amazing, actually. A lot of the characters "get" it, you know? They know it wasn't good, but they also understand that is was almost magically not good. The embrace the community in a way that is pretty great. There are also some people who are...damaged. A few of the actors who are...well, who have legitimate psychological issues. & then there is the director of Troll 2 who...well, he doesn't really get it, but they don't try to fight him about it, even though that tension underlies a bit of the back end of the film. The real star of the picture (besides the director, who was one of Troll 2's child stars) is George Hardy, who starred in Troll 2 & then went on to become an affable dentist. He is deeply weird, but in a wholesome, friendly way-- he has a life, & Troll 2 is a weird chapter in it, you know? Not a spectre over his head, as it is for some of the other characters.
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