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The Gif That Keeps On Giffing.

Going through & watching the Tenth Doctor episodes of Doctor Who has really made me realize just how many of them I've seen already. You know, it has been five years, so there is plenty of time to pick them up here & there. I don't mind rewatching; a lot of them were thrown on the tube during late nights & as parties were fizzling out, & as previously mentioned, happened over the course of half a decade, so there are plenty of holes to patch up. "Tooth & Claw" I remembered pretty well...I mean, Queen Victoria, werewolves, ninjas, check! I liked the werewolf in it quite a bit, actually...the effect of moonlight on bare skin, the supernatural flourishes like sudden winds, just a lot of nice touches. We took a break after that episode to watch Billie Piper dance & talk about Secret Diary of a Call Girl. "School Reunion" was next, which really is the most homagey of homages. That being said, Sarah Jane is pretty great. I don't have any connection to her form original old school Who, but you can pretty easily imagine it. The bits with K-9 were awfully saccharine, but then, they sort of had to be. & Anthony Stewart Head! When you hear him speaking off screen...he sounds just like Doctor Frank-N-Furter. Nothing like Tim Curry...but exactly like Frank-N-Furter. Weird how that works. More to the point, it was an Absinthe & Czech "Candy" Party! Apparently I am the only one who didn't think the candy was gross. Apparently my Eastern European roots are showing. The night was full of chuckles, & then floomph! Into bed. I kept having dreams about my broken face-- getting up in the night to find it had collapsed into a hideous mask of evil. Save me, Breetai!

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