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Samerhead Hark.

Ugh, I've just been a scatter bug. Terra called me frazzle dazzle, & that just about fits. Speaking of Terra, on Monday we went to Friend of a Farmer for lunch-- or well, I heard "Friend of a Performer," but whatever. I had walked to & from Sunday's Oubliette game in the punishing rain, & the weather wasn't letting up, so Terra & I wanted comfort food. We split a shepherd's pie, some brussel's sprouts, & some latkes. After work I came home, fell down to the floor, put my head on a stack of towels, flipped on My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic & just about fell asleep! I don't know, I was just exhausted. At work I am juggling my old job & my new job at the same time & it is hard to keep all of it flowing. You know that computer game, where you put down tiles of pipe pieces, & then the green goo starts flowing? So you have to look ahead, try not to waste pieces, but also move quickly & thus inevitably it becomes treacherous. Like that. I skipped the gym, & just ended up hanging out with Jenny, sort of a puddle. Blech. Tuesday lunch with with Jocelyn & Brian, Kat & Matt. Sushi was the order of the day; a nice little outing. Back at home, I had a much better evening; I went to the gym, for one thing. I know, I always marvel at what a difference it makes in how I feel, but it is so true. Endorphins are the best mood regulator. A strong work out, too-- & I overheard girls gossiping about the weight I do on the obliques-- 190 lbs, which is the max not counting the dial-- which was flattering. Got a whole mess of Chinese food, came home, watched Leverage with Jenny, & went to bed. A nice evening! I had nightmare though-- iphisol had parked her car on the lower level of a huge concrete garage, & there were trap doors & stuff, & it got very Silent Hill. Falling down pit traps, landing on dirt floors, flesh-eating grubs, lost in the dark, chased by Leatherfaces. There was a part where I was naked & I had to put on an apron made of human skin for clothes. One of those dreams where you are being turned into the serial killer, right? That is normal, everyone has those! Still, I woke up in a pretty good mood, had some poem spring right into mind: "As pale as summer's frost, as mean as winter's poesy, let this be the season of our discontent." Whatever you say, brain! Ate some leftover egg foo young & came out swinging! Lunch today was at Rye House with Sherene, Nicole, Tiffanie & special guest Lisa! Another nice little meal.
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