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Graven Images.

(Me & Brian yesterday & me at Perch; photos by Kathleen C.)

Today has been a pretty fun day, but I am now surprisingly tuckered out! Which I gotta shake off, since Jenny & I are doing laundry tonight, & I have to finalize some plans for tomorrow's Oubliette game. Stiff upper lip, old fellow! I'll have a beer at some point, maybe. Today was fun, though-- an uneventful morning of espresso & the exterminator-- & then I met up with Kat & we went to the gym together, for a nice fat sum of two hours. Now, doubtless some of that two hours can be accounted for in working in on each other's machines, but still, a nice chunk of time. We started with a little cardio, & then I took her to the free weights! I am a big proponent of people who don't normally use free weights picking up the skill. Not like I'm some free weight genius-- I'm certainly not. On the elliptical, Kat said something like "I only count it if I'm sweating," & that is a good mantra. If you can hold a conversation during your workout...then it isn't a workout. Part of that is just that I see lots of people using really low weights. Not "low weights," but basically...nothing. That doesn't count! If that is all you are doing, just walk around outside. Better than nothing, but it doesn't count as "at the gym." Then it was to the weight machines, which Kat wisely pointed out are called "weight machines." I just always said "machines," which doesn't distinguish them from the cardio machines. Ended up with some more cardio, then while Kat stretched I knocked out a few more reps on the free weights. Solid! Out of sight! We came back to our place, took showers, & then went to Perch for lunch. I had a tasty quiche, & when the waitress overcharged (on accident, honest mistake), at Kat's urging, I said something. Which led to a discussion on how being a big male means I have to watch my behavior. Things a smaller woman can do would be me being a bully, or starting a fight, if I did. Moderate aggression, this is civilization! I had one of their newer drinks, a Stoop Party, which is Absolut Brooklyn, ginger beer, & cranberry juice. Absolut Brooklyn is, apparently, a vodka infused with apples & ginger. It was similar to their Dark & Stormy, which I must say Perch has mastered. & now I'm home, waiting for Jenny to start the onerous task of getting clean clothes, & wondering if I should drink a beer. Oh! & I invented a new joke, to go along with the classic "Do you have your tickets? Your tickets to the gun show!" & "Do you know any good veterinarians? Because these pythons are sick!" Now to join them I have created the following: "If you were Moses, you'd be pissed! Because these calves are golden!" Not bad, right?
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