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Already been a pretty full day, & now all I need to do is get my flesh in gear & hit the gym. That is the last thing on my checklist for today! Work went quickly; half day, & I had powered through a lot of catching up I needed to do yesterday. I still can't stop thinking about The McQueen exhibit, but that is a good thing. A pleasurable itch. Afterward Jenny & I came home, ate some hamburgers & poutine & watched an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I had asked Terra for recommendations, & she said "My Little Pony," how was I supposed to know she was joking? Besides, I'd been planning on becoming "bronie" anyhow. Today after work, JJ came over, because she had an appointment to get her hair cut pixie short. A trend I always support; always shorter! That is my haircut motto. Aubrey joined us & we sat around my apartment chatting & eating sushi. Eventually JJ went to her stylist appointment & Aubrey & I played Where I Go At Night, a two-player game where you both control the same werewolf, one as the man & one as the wolf. I won one, she won one. My super came in to paint the ceiling but the paint colours didn't match, so now he has to come back & paint the whole thing. It is a thing. After she left I looked at the artwork from Mike Mignola & Roy Thomas' Dracula & sort of goofed around the apartment. Which brings me to this very moment here. Which I am at, in the second, but you can only see from afar. & now even that moment has passed. You cannot seize a single moment until you master Time & Space, until you tame it to your will of Iron & Darkness.
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