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Behemoth the Pig.

As usual I've fallen behind talking about what I actually did with my time, instead keeping tabs on RPG magazines, episodes of Doctor Who & what I think about armor. You're welcome. I blame the DDoS attacks, since that has kept me from being able to fiddle around with this thing too much. Thursday was a going away party for a co-worker, with the usual clique-- Matt, Jocelyn & Brian, Kat-- with cross over with new friend Terra, Vicki & Jasmine. Plus a whole slew of other people. I came home from there to a sick Jenny! She was so sick, she hadn't even gotten herself dinner, so I went back out, grabbed some Thai, & we ate it while watching pieces of Leverage. It took us three days to watch that episode of Leverage, but it was a pretty cute episode with a fun MacGuffin-- genetically engineered super potato-- lots of role swapping & charming character growth. Friday Jenny & I were supposed to go to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but alas, Jenny was too sick. We came home, I made her a cucumber & fennel salad, some blanched kale & beet greens sauteed in butter & olive oil, & then went out to get her frozen yogurt & dumplings. I'm very nice. We watched the insulting Sucker Punch, & I went to the gym. I've started doing my bicep curls with the eighty pound bar when I use the bench, which is coming along nicely. I still use the seventy for my triceps though. Then today. Today I finally finished ninety percent of Lego Harry Potter, &...yeah, that about does it. I cut my hair? Which I've been meaning to do. I went to the gym again-- I had to double down in order to meet my three times a week quota-- & did more work with the eighty pound bar, & some calf work since I failed at climbing stairs on Thursday. Instead, I was getting lunch at Rye House with Terra & Vicki, flirting with the bartender & all that. & that is that. That just about does it. I guess.
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