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All Flesh Is Glass.

Sunday was the zombie game, but before that kicked off I managed to watch Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace, which was cute, but utterly forgettable. I will say that the reveal-- that "Ian" had the first letter of his name tag crooked & that it was meant to be "Han"-- was silly in a way that I appreciated in the same way that I enjoy groaners & bad puns. Otherwise, my week has been dreadfully lazy, I think. Monday I was under the weather-- dripping nose & hacking cough-- so I took the day off, & so did Jenny, for similar reasons. My respiratory thing was no big deal-- critters living in the warm, damp caverns of my body, I get it-- but I didn't want to spread it around, or spend the day at work with fluids leaking out of my face. I guess because of the Lego Star Wars special I had the urge to get my brick on, so I spent a lot of the day playing Lego Harry Potter. I'm almost at 90% completed. Otherwise it was just reading & fooling around on the computer. Tuesday was back to the grind, broken up by a lovely lunch with the lovely Marie at Tarallucci e Vino. As usual, we said that we should do it more often-- she's off to the Continent for a bit, but when she comes back maybe we'll standardize a day? At home I went to the gym & did a decent chunk of throwing heavy stuff around. Upped a couple of weights, a couple of reps. I wish there was a 75 pound bar; I'm maybe ready to move up from the 70, but probably not quite to the point of dealing with the 80! Then home to Jenny, falling asleep with our legs touching. Today's lunch was with the indomitable Terra. It is super exciting having a new friend who shares enthusiasm for the friend-crush. We went to Le Pain Quotidien & spent a few minutes cracking each other up. So that is that. Oh, & now there is a warning to stay away from the windows because of gunfire-- rumor has it that there are two dead & that there is currently a hostage situation on the block.
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