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We Be Goblins by Richard Pett.

This free download is a lot of fun. It won't come as any surprise to you that I'm a fan of goblin-themed things, as I am The Goblin King. kingtycoon even painted an official portrait of me. As I've mentioned before, Paizo has really thrown its weight around in the goblingeist, with their wide-mouthed, nursery rhyme spewing little fellows. This module is a one-shot adventure, a chance for Players to chew up the scenery a little by playing as the goblins themselves. There is everything you might want; a spooky shipwreck, loads of fireworks, goblin magic items, a series of gross & dangerous dares, a chance to fight wicked horses, a load of adorable pre-generated characters...basically a nice little parcel. If you've got an inkling of how to play Third Edition, or Pathfinder, this is a fun evening, right here-- you don't have to prepare anything. Get four people together & spring it on them! Let them pick a goblin, let them come up with a goofy accent-- seriously, goblin accents are the best-- & just go goofy-terror on them.
Tags: dnd, paizo, pathfinder

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