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Jenny Day.

("Studio Ghibli Birthday," photograph by Jenny K., presents by Mordicai K!)

Monday was the actual day of Jenny's birthday, & I think it went pretty well. Sunday night Jenny came up with a brilliant plan-- to finally see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art-- but alas, the museum is closed on Mondays, so we had a bit of ad-libbing to do! We played it fast & loose but all in all, a success. I made her breakfast in the morning-- eggs & bacon with squash & English muffins-- which was nice of me, now wasn't it? I also gave her presents: two gifts from the Ghibli giftshop in Japan! A Porco Rosso tin canteen cup & a My Neighbor Totoro puzzle. I would have gotten her other things, but she had decided to count Sleep No More tickets as a gift, as well. After breakfast, we decided to walk down to Brooklyn General for a little fabric shopping. Three kilometers doesn't sound so bad...until you get out into that Tatooine sun & Dagobah humidity. & then get lost a little bit. Suffice to say, were were pretty melty when we got there, but Jenny still managed to find the fabrics she needed! Then we walked back, looking for a place to eat & drink & be generally merry & air conditioned. The Clover Club was still closed-- we'd tried it on the way out, to. I've heard good things about Seersucker as well, but no dice. Even Palo Santo was closed-- I guess it is a Monday? But that Monday is Jenny's birthday! We were lost until I remembered-- Bierkraft exists!

In we went, to sit at the picnic benches & eat & drink, et cetera et cetera. We started with Mestreechs Aajt, a sour beer made of blended Oud Brouin, Dortmunder & "primeval beer." Lovely stuff. We were guzzling away & chowing down on A) homemade pastrami spiced brisket & Leyden cheese with homemade sauerkraut, arugala, tomato, onion & grainy mustard & B) Serrano ham, Manchego cheese with fig spread, arugala, olive oil & sherry vinegar. The fig jam is a bit much for me, but that is personal taste. Then were were joined by elladorian, which I had contrived in secret, via text message! She bought a bottle of Cascade Kriek Ale, another very sour beer, this one with a notable taste of cherries. I mean, since it was brewed with cherries. This aint' rocket science. We topped things off with three ice cream sandwiches! Peanut butter gelato & brownie, ricotta gelato & amaretti cookie, & dark chocolate gelato & mocha brownie. Decadent as heck. On the way back to our apartment-- Maggie in tow-- we saw that the dance shop was open, where I had bought Jenny a unitard many moons ago. We had to stop in & buy her another, & so we did. We were maybe a bit tipsy! But we got a unitard! & then we went back to the apartment to...well, to watch Porco Rosso again! Maggie hadn't seen it, & it suited the mood of Studio Ghibli Birthday! Back home we had a bottle of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, which was really great, actually, & some bottles of Lagunitas Czech Pilsner-- not skunky enough, said Jenny-- & Old Thumper. We also watched a bit of Archer & of...Pawn Stars? Jenny wanted to watch it, so I put it on!
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