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Catching Up With the Joneses.

I liked House of Dead Ninjas enough that I tracked down the developer & played some more of their casual games-- ones with actual endings, which is nice, because they could be beaten. Managed. It didn't swell up to over-take my weekend. Well, not entirely, at least. Sunday was-- what the heck happened on Sunday? More "a whole lotta nuthin'" if I'm not mistaken. Little pointless "achievements," like the above mentioned Knight Fall series & gaining a level in GoldenEye. I was lazy & missed my window of availability to go to the gym, which was fine since I'd thrown down fairly hard the day before. In other words, Sunday during the day was a fairly laid back piece of pie, but come the evening we put on our Sunday Best (or well, not really we didn't) & walked over to Kira & Nino's apartment. We went a bit early so as to get a chance to hang out with Olivia before her bedtime, which continues to be a somewhat nebulous occasion. Her clock just hasn't settled-- & like me, she hates the heat. Kira took the opportunity to cook up Jenny a Birthday Feast! We started with a little wine-- when we went to Txikito before Sleep No More, Jason poured us a Basque wine that was a little bit effervescent, & recommended us another one...which is the one that Kira served us, 2010 Txakoli Xarmant! Basque. I guess it is the next big "thing." The appetizer Kira made was prosciutto with blueberries & wasabi microgreens. For the main course we opened up a bottle of Burgans Albarino 2010 for the white & 2010 Renacer Punto Final Clasico Malbec for the red, & got down to the main course! Okra shrimp & chorizo stew with a three day duck reduction & grey sole with lime. The side was Japanese sweet potato & pork belly & desert was a sea salt caramel chocolate blondie. Afterward, we watched True Blood. That show has disintegrated! I like it fine, still, but the problem is-- as they pull the camera out & start showing more of the world...well, the more the seams of implausibility begin to show. "True Blood is a show where vampires exist & have recently gone public" is a solid premise, especially when it focuses on inter-relationships, but "True Blood is a show about public vampires, secret werewolves, hillbilly werepanthers, witches, faerieland..." all just...well, it doesn't hang together very well, is all.
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