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Hideous Marionette.

Not much to report. Been feeling really Dark Side lately, when I'd rather be feeling all Darkseid. You know what I mean? Just polishing the black sliver of broken glass I have instead of a heart. Swallowing all my frustrations & resentments into the maw of a black hole. Rise up, black phoenix. I'll be okay, I'm just having the usual Pinocchio troubles. There are lots of parts of being a Real Boy™ that I've gotten good at, but there are other parts that really drag on my wooden limbs, really make my strings go limp. Things haven't been bad-- this is just all internal, start to finish. Things have in fact been quite lovely. After Monday's picnic with fatbutts & Tuesday's hibachi & Wednesday's Television Night with fordmadoxfraud & elladorian & seeing Sleep No More on Thursday with Marie, Sydney, David & Daniel, Jenny & I had just about reached the maximum saturation for socialization. You know, just a solid block of plans. I was quite happy for a brief respite from that gauntlet, so Friday I did absolutely nothing. I worked a half day, came home...& that was that. I finished up reading The Alchemist...the end. I mentioned the idea of going to the gym, but Jenny said she'd rather have me hang around the apartment while she quilted, & I was happy to oblige. I mean, I must have played some video games, or watched something on television, or read-- oh yeah, that terrible comic I'm blocking out-- but really just relaxed, drank a bottle of Magic Hat Whacko & went to bed. Saturday was more of the same. Bitterblack. Dealt with some chores-- Jenny left me a list!-- like letting the exterminator in to spray, replacing lightbulbs, buying some stuff, cleaning up. Handled a bit of stressful real world shenanigans. Ugh. Got all Darth about it. Talked to Theresa for a bit & then took the roiling pit of hate in my stomach to the gym.

One of the essential tools of my practice of Internal Alchemy is to take the bad chi from my stomach & move it up into my chest-- like the dragon, breathing out all negative death waves & whatever. Like an oyster, taking the irritant & creating a black pearl without price. I was only at the gym for an hour & ten minutes-- I had plans later & cut it too close on time-- but I cut out a lot of the cardiovascular & so I had time to really get in a decent piece of lifting. Then home to Jenny & what do I find but Kira & Nino over with Olivia! It was time for a little tribal celebration of Jenny's birthday. We picked up a couple of bottles of wine & got onto the train headed to Bay Ridge to get Chinese at Grand Sichuan House. Heck yeah, Szechuan! Jenny often bemoans that Park Slope doesn't have an authentic Chinese restaurant, & I concur. We ordered a whole mess of food & just ate it family style; the soft-shelled crab was the spiciest dish, but I think my favorite was...I don't know? The bok choy in the red cooked pork? The Ma Po tofu? It was all pretty solid. On the way home, Olivia was a bit fussy, so I kept bending over to let her tug on my hair, which involves twisting your neck around to tickle her. Made me pretty dizzy! It is weird, having a baby around; people just all feel like it is okay to be involved with the baby. Strangers! I get it, though-- I mean, I make faces at strange babies on the train. In a way that I don't normally make faces at strange adults. It is just weird how the communal nature of apes kicks in around babies. Good job being evolved to make people think you should stay alive, babies! Back at our apartment, Jenny finished the last of the Whacko & I drank the last of the Southern Tier 2XIPA & we watched a couple of episodes of Archer. We'd seen a bit of it before-- animated James Bond spoof, got it-- but this time we found it darn funny. Looks like we'll probably watch more at some point, especially since we're in a sargasso of new television.
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