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Maximum Deletion.

More Doctor Who at television night; fordmadoxfraud was running late so Jenny, myself & elladorian started without him. I had a massive burger from Corner Burger, complete with onion rings on top-- it truly hit the spot. Also a beet & goat cheese salad; I liked it, Jenny was ambivalent. I picked up a bottle of Rittenhouse Rye & we watched George Takei's bit in the Roast of William Shatner while woofing down our meals, so we could focus on The Doctor & Amy Pond when that time came. Which was soon! The first episode we watched was "The Lodger" which was just utterly great. I'm starting to suspect that the little one-offs like this, "Vincent & the Doctor" "The Girl in the Fireplace" are going to be my jam, my little slice of the Doctor Who pie. The mixture of glee & poignancy is grandiose. Then the two-part finale-- "The Pandorica Opens" & "The Big Bang." A few points; yes, River Song is great & the bit of the guard under the influence of the hallucinogenic lipstick guarding a doodle on the wall had Jenny in stitches. I'm frankly sad that Rory didn't stay a robot man-- Auton?-- but so it goes. I will admit that the rye & the late hour might suggest to me that a re-watching of "The Big Bang" is due. Oh, & here is an important note: the Cybermen are way creepier than the Daleks. The Daleks are just goofy space racists. I get that we're supposed to suspend disbelief & accept them as terrifying, but it isn't the easiest thing to do. The Cybermen, on the other hand, want to wear you. They want to have your organs as spare parts. That, see, that is pretty threatening. Body horror wins over nasal commands to "exterminate."
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