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The Chomp.

(Mordicai, Professional Warlock, & Aubrey at her Rodeo birthday party, photograph by Brian M.)

Yesterday was an unexpectedly fine day! After a bit of a rubbish Fourth it was sorely due. I rode the train home from work with Kat, gossiped a bit, & then met up with Jenny at home. We split a Souther Tier 2XIPA while we fooled around the apartment, & then left to go meet elladorian & fordmadoxfraud at Ginza for the July Birthdays Hibachi Club, sans fatbutts. & as was pointed out, this time we didn't have to see The Last Airbender afterward, so that is a major plus. We chowed down on a couple of cold bottles of Sho Chiku Bai Organic Nama Sake & dug into the hibachi. Our chef had the blade dance down well, but...what, do we look respectable or something? There was no broccoli flicked into our mouths? We are not too proud to try to catch food on our faces, chef! Still, hibachi automatically equals good times. After dinner we went to Bar Reis to say hi to Victoria & get a drink. I knocked back a lovely martini & Jenny had this..."honey bee" drink, that was actually pretty amazing. David & Maggie each had a strawberry margarita that...wasn't even slightly sweet? Which I mean in a good way. Bar Reis has upped their game, but the crowd was...really weird. There were, like, a bunch of New Jersey people? Strange. Then home to bed. Nice! & I also had a nice lunch with Terra at Hill Country Chicken, where we cracked each other up & tried to figure out how to play checkers. Oh, you think checkers is easy? It isn't! Did you know they all go on the same colour? I didn't. Did you know there were three rows? I didn't! & were you aware that you can't jump your own men? I was pretty sure you could, but you can't. I don't know that I've ever played checkers correctly. Instead, we played...something. A variant! & I won, but there have been accusations of skullduggery! A rematch is required. Here is the cheat sheet for checkers I came up with, though. It isn't very good, but it gets the job done.

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